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"A health & safety problem can be described by statistics but cannot be understood by statistics. It can only be understood by knowing and feeling the pain, anguish, and depression and shattered hopes of the victim and of wives, husbands, parents, children, grandparents and friends, and the hope, struggle and triumph of recovery and rehabilitation in a world often unsympathetic, ignorant, unfriendly and unsupportive, only those with close experience of life altering personal damage have this understanding."

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Safety & Business Management Consultancy Services, Greenbank, Logan City, Brisbane

You need to talk to George Robotham Safety (We save lives and money), your cost-effective and practical Safety Management System specialist.

Knowledge, innovation, vision, involvement of stakeholders and planning are necessary to provide excellent Safety, Learning & Business Improvement Change.

We assist organisations to maximise the efficiency of their business and consequently save money, through enhanced OHS Management, Learning and Business Improvement change. A copy of the organisations Capability Statement can be found elsewhere on this web-site. We are focused on cost and effort efficient solutions with a "real world" approach. Having a bit of fun as well always helps.

We are particularly focused on serving the needs of clients in Logan and South-East Queensland, Australia.